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oooh, "the one with the ballroom dancing" or "the one with the candy hearts." this is a great fic meme idea sweetie!


Happy Birthday babe!!  It’s been a while since I’ve written Steve/Danny, but for you…

The One With The Candy Hearts


Steve’s seen Danny in all kinds of situations.  It comes with the job.  There’s been guns, there’s been bombs, there’s been sharks, there’s been FBI, but there’s never been… hearts.  Candy hearts.

"Uh, Danno?  What’s with the candy?"

"Valentines Day."

"Okay."  Holding up the basket of candy that Danny put on his desk, Steve raises his eyebrows at him.  "Does this make me your valentine?"

"They’re from Grace," Danny says, waving a hand at the candy.  "For some unfathomable reason, my beloved daughter quite likes you, so she asked me to bring you some of the candy we spent the weekend making."

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very, very cute…




Reblogging this could seem weird since I’m definitely not a Steve/Catherine fan, but… actually I’m reblogging this because I’m not a Steve/Catherine fan…. I mean, look at his face! It says everything … well, at least to me.

It really does say something if this is the week-ish before canon starts. His best friend is talking about Cath being “the real deal” (with still no canonical point for when she showed in his life, how many years) but Steve doesn’t look very excited or please about the prospect of Cath, Marriage and Babies in the same zip code with him. 

A. Then he see’s her exactly four/five times in the next two years. Canonically never calls except for favors. Canonically never makes it to dinner. Canonically never mentions her to anyone. The line is trying too hard especially when you back up Season 1-Season 2 canon right on to it. 

B. He doesn’t even tell her what happened to Freddie, who obviously knew/met her, until three years later. (Which I still have issues with because Black Out Seal Op that she has no clearance to be near or hear about. Which does not touch yet how much I started screaming about the fact he was talking about it on a public plane where anyone could overhear him.)


If anything, this line (which even the McRoll shippers have called trying too hard over in the some of the tags), just backfires when you stand it up next to logic and the three years following it. It shows you exactly why it wasn’t the real deal when Freddie said it. 

No dice, Lenkov.

If you want them together maybe should actually give the audience something of worth, like actual character growth and handling of what happened in 3.18. Because you certainly missed on having them deal with trust issues even here, while needing to physically depend on each other. And that’s an easy one to write. It could have been golden, working, and a little healing on both sides.

and also… Alex’s acting. i mean, Steve looks like he couldn’t be bothered about Cath, because Alex made that face. wouldn’t the director tell him to look happier/more excited/whatever? it’s not like Alex is unable to act happy. he’s more that able.

i don’t know if i really have a coherent point here. just thought i’d point out that it looks like Alex is not a mcrollins shipper, but he definitely ships mcdanno.

Those last gifs, look at Steve’s face. That is the face of a man who feels that he has lost, but would never crush his friend’s happiness by revealing what he’s holding inside. He lost Freddie, yet somehow, he meets Danny. If you look closely over the course of four seasons, Steve has become progressively more open and relaxed around Danny. With Lori, Jenna or Cath, there is caring and interest, but there is also an air of diffidence. Contrast when Danny was poisoned with Sarin. Steve’s expression is open panic. The look of wonder in his eyes when Danny finds him in Wo Fat’s truck (2.10), Danny has come all this way for him. The bomb, when he refuses to leave Danny alone, Steve actually cries as he holds Danny. Then we have the collapsing building and Danny flies half way around the world to save Steve, before he’s even sure that Steve is still alive. This is love. Steve has been slowly blossoming under that love.

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This moment right here? It’s one of my favorite ever. It’s in the pilot, at the end of the first cargument, after Gracie’s phonecall. Steve hears for the first time Danny saying “Danno loves you” and asks “Who’s Danno?”… Danny doesn’t answer and Steve whispers, with this dreamy expression and this soft voice “Danno…” <3

Followed by the adorable moment when Danny clues Steve in to the reason for the nickname.

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