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OMFG Timothy Olyphant in The Mindy Project was hilarious and so hot! Even hotter than normal and I didn’t think that was possible especially not when playing an ageing skateboarder lol. He suited that look and the hair! I loved the hair <3

Topless <3

Timmy <3333333

Tim was utterly gorgeous and super cute in this part. And Graham was much kinder and sweeter than Mindy deserved. 

Factor in the fact that Tim can actually skateboard, and used to in High School and College (apparently).

If I ever have the incredible good fortune to meet this incredibly gifted talented gentleman, I am horribly afraid I am going to have to ask him that terrible cliche. Is there anything you are actually bad at?

I have the feeling that the answer will be no.


favorite fellas: jacob pitts

"My natural masculinity falls somewhere between Crispin Glover, and Crispin Glover when he’s angry."

I have this totally shallow thing that probably really isn’t a thing… more of a wish… maybe.

Before Justified ends we need two things, Tim without a shirt, and Tim in his Army Ranger Dress Uniform.


What if… one time Steve dropped his pen and Danny bent down to pick it up for him, giving Steve a great view of his ass. From then on, Steve became some sort of klutz, dropping things all the time and Danny was always being polite and helping him out, until he finally caught on to what Steve was doing.


The scene from 4x03 is just this little one… you may think it’s not a big deal… but let’s take a better look.

They don’t talk to each other, they don’t even exchange a glance… but they move like it’s a dance step knowing exactly what the other is doing: it is AMAZING!

This little scene shows us what Danny and Steve are: they act in sync like they are one and they do it all the time, remember my video Syncronize? ;)

How deep the bond between them has to be to be able to work together like this? 

Oh, and if you are wondering: Danny had his own strips… he use them in the following scene ;D

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